NTS Going Digital?

From Jay Nugent, WB8TKL, AEC Washtenaw — NTS Liasion & Packet Operations, Michigan Section ASM for Digital Technologies:

Over the last couple weeks the Michigan Section National Traffic System (NTS-Digital) has been experimenting with using the digital mode “Olivia” on 75-meters to pass NTS formatted messages. Attendance has varied from just a handfull of participants to a dozen or more. This is a new mode for traffic handling and Net operations, so there are a number of bugs and procedures to be worked out.

Users are invited to fire up their HF rigs and digital decoders and follow along as these traffic nets evolve. And please check-in if you are able and willing. The next net will be held using Olivia 500/8 near 3583 KHz on Feb 16th at 2100 hours local.

Contact Jay for the latest net report and updates to their evolving operating procedure.