The end of ham radio?

Mayan calendar

Is this calendar predicting the end of ham radio?

Is this the end of ham radio (or the world, for that matter)? The website for special event station N0D says:

According to one of the three Mayan Calendars, the end of the world will occur on December 21, 2012. To celebrate this—literally—once in a lifetime event, Special Event Station N0D (Now Zero Days) will be activated for three days during and possibly after the end of the world. December 20; is a celebration of the end of the world. December 21, the day of destruction, we will be on the air as long as possible. December 22…that is a little iffy right now.

The site is a real hoot. You can even take a look at the QSL card that you won’t get if the world actually does on December 21.


  1. Great post my friend. Will be looking for them on the air, hopefully i can find them and work them before the world ends.
    Darn Mayans anyway….

  2. Well phooey. So much for taking advantage of the solar cycle peak. If the world end there goes the neighborhood and the ionosphere. I’ve been working on WAS. I still have 40 states to go. I won’t quit yet, but I may have no choice.

    Thanks Mr and Mrs Maya.

  3. Their website has already seen the end of the world. Guess light travels faster than the Earth’s rotation! :-)

  4. <laughs> It looks like what has happened is that the site got so popular that they used up all the bandwidth that they paid for, and the web host company is now limiting access.

  5. hi Dan,

    Now writer, but also ex f6gib, a nice idea for a future novell, if destiny permits :lol:
    Just enough time to write it ! If you also have enough time, you can take a look on my fb page who presents my first novell in 4 langages.
    73’s Denis

  6. Bandwidth has been increased and the site is back up

  7. Duane AH6BS says:

    I think the calendar ended as funding stopped and the then ruler decided to lay-off those astrologers/priests? I believe the traits of humans remain the same then, as it is now! Therefore keep on DX’ing!!!

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