2012 Old Tyme Radio Calendar Now Available

The 2012 WA1KPD Old Tyme Radio Calendar is available for free downloading fromĀ WA1KPD’s Boat Anchor Collection website. It features great old photos like the one of W1FET at right. My question is how many hams operate in a suit and tie?



  1. Larry Koziel K8MU says:

    Maybe the suit was a bit over the top, but it seems that ties were de rigueur. Check out the vintage 1952 ad at dashtoons.com.

  2. Fred Becchetti says:

    Recall that machinists back then also wore neckties
    until a few (or many??) fatal accidents involving lathes I suppose.
    Then in recent years it was long hair that was a hazard
    (still can be e.g again when running a lathe).

  3. Dan KB6NU says:

    Larry, I’ve seen that ad before. The necktie wasn’t what grabbed my attention, though. I was wondering how I could get my wife to bring me a beer while working CW. :)

  4. Love this picture. The homemade W1FET sign, the earnest suit, the aircraft carrier deck of a part in this ham’s hair. We have met the piparoo and he is us.

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