A Petition to Designate a Frequency for GOTA/PR/Educational QSOs During Field Day

On Linked In’s ARRL Ham Radio Operators Group, there’s a discussion about Field Day titled, “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.”

In his reply, Rick, W6IFA, notes:

I would remind all the readers of the post to go to the ARRL web site and read what the ARRL intends this day to be.

“Field Day is part educational event, part operating event, part public relations event – and ALL about FUN!”

Don’t forget, if you scroll down the “Rules” page to section 7.3, some of the biggest bonus points are earned for the PR and educational activities.

I am going to write to the League and see if, for future events, a segment of each band can be set aside for PR / Education / Short QSOs. This will allow hardcore contesters to operate without distraction and provide a place for mutual first time QSO’s in a relaxed environment. I urge you to voice your support or opposition to the League too.

I think that this is a great idea. Let’s make this blog post a petition to get the League to do this in 2010. If you agree that the ARRL should designate a small portion of each band for GOTA, PR, and educational QSOs during Field Day, please enter a comment below. If you don’t want to enter any extra text, just enter your name and callsign.

I will submit this item and all the responses to the appropriate ARRL person after Field Day 2009 is over.


  1. Patrick Brooks says:

    In addition to designating a portion of each band for GOTA, the ARRL should allow GOTA stations to run 100w on whatever power is available. If the club is running QRP on battery power, then a GOTA station will have a more challenging time making contacts. The goal of a GOTA station should be to allow reasonably easy contacts for first time operators — not challenge them to make QRP contacts.

  2. Robert Ratliff says:


  3. Richard M. Santina says:

    Let’s reserve a portion of each band for short, friendly QSO’s, GOTA, PR, Educational Demonstrations and first time Field Day participants.

    W6IFA – Richard Santina
    W6IOS – Cisco Amateur Radio Club

  4. Richard Christopher says:

    This is a great idea. Every year I teach classes and this is a terrific way to get the newbies involved. Clear spots in the bands would be extremely helpful to the folks who have not yet had much experience in contesting and would allow GOTA stations to communicate with each other. Of course, they would be free to operate anywhere else.

  5. Dan, I think this is a great idea. Please feel free to use my name and call sign as being in agreement with your proposal.

    de K3DIO Bob

  6. Eric Johnson says:

    As a ham radio instructor and a VE liasion I see first hand the stress and reluctance of the new ham to make contacts. I was one of them and I am sure just about EVERY ham had the “jitters” on their first contact. With the Field Day “contesters” running the bands at fast paces I have had little luck on getting new hams in a slower, more comfortable contact mode. I am not bashing the contesters, since I am one myself, but I would certianly like to see a portion of each band or atleast a minimum of one frequency on 20m and 40m that could be set aside so the G.O.T.A. operators know where to look. We as amateur radio operators already have “gentlemens agreements” on our band plans for the rest of the year and I feel a simpilar “gentlemens agreement” could be made for Field Day G.O.T.A. stations.

    Eric Johnson, KC0YGD

  7. I guess since this was originally my suggestion I should sign the petition, huh? ;)


  8. Mark Zollinger says:


    Our FD station this year will be almost all pr/education and almost no contesting.
    A bit of bandwidth where people don’t bite your head of for wanting to chat would be great.

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