Amateur Radio Stations at Science Museums

I’ve written many times about our efforts to set up an amateur radio station at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum. Well, recently on the HamRadioHelpGroup mailing list, Jeremy, N2BUF, noted, “I am trying to compile a list of other Science Centers that have Amateur Radio clubs or Amateur Radio displays for kids.”

Below is a list of clubs that others mentioned and some that I know about:

  • New York Hall of Science, Flushing, NY
    Club: Hall of Science Amateur Radio Club
    Callsign: WB2JSM
  • Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, Ann Arbor, MI
    Club: ARROW
    Callsign: WA2HOM
  • Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Portland, Oregon
    Club: Blueback Submarine Radio Club, info on QRZ.Com
    Callsign: W7SUB
    This station is located inside the sub, which is on display at the museum.
  • Museum of Science and Technology, Flushing, NY
    Club: Hall of Science Amateur Radio Club
    Callsign: WB2JSM
  • Arizona Science Center, Phoenix, AZ
    Club: Center for Amateur Radio Learning
    Callsign: W7ASC
  • Ontario Science Center, Toronto, ON
    Club: Ontario Science Center Amateur Radio Club, info on QRZ.Com
    Callsign: VE3OSC
  • Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa, ON
    Club: Amateur Radio Exhibit Group
    Callsign: VE3JW
  • Discovery Place, Charlotte, NC
    Club: Mecklenburg Amateur Radio Society,
    Callsign: W4BFB
  • Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC
    Club: no club, web info
    Callsign: NN3SI

Apparently, there will be one in India, too. The Hindu, a paper in Kerala, ran the story, “Ham radio station at science museum” recently. This is all very cool stuff.


  1. Here’s another one:

    Natural Science Center of Greensboro NC, Greensboro, NC
    Callsign: KF4RNB

    I’m not sure if there’s an “official” club associated with this station. How I found out about this station is that I worked it this afternoon. Bob, W8FTD, was at the controls. I’ll post more when I find out more.

  2. Dear Dan,
    The Ham radio station In Trivandrum, Kerala, which was commented in The Hindu newspaper is licensed as VU2CLU. Plz check out on Right now myself, VU3AUZ and VU3DDE, OM Joseph are responsible for maintaining this club. We are planning to expand the club by adding satellite communication equipments. Will send you photos of our current setup.


  3. Dan KB6NU says:

    Very cool. Thanks for the info, Allen!

  4. Bob KE3GG says:

    Unfortunately, the amateur radio station at the Smithsonian Institution is no longer. The callsign, NN3SI, is still valid but all attempts to save and/or relocate the station to another facility fell through.

  5. There is a great station and exhibit area at the South Florida Science Museum with station WS4FSM sponsored by the West Palm Beach Amateur Radio Group.

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