Another “retro” QSL design

Based on some input from comments here, and from e-mails, here’s a more refined retro QSL design.

Retro QSL #2

Also, as I mentioned in a comment to my previous post, I might have a way to actually print them authentically, too. Here in Ann Arbor. We have a group called BoundEdition, which is a “membership-based community studio for book arts, letterpress, and related trades.” Heck, maybe I could even come up with a few designs and offer to print up small batches for other hams.

What would you think about that? Would you be interested in purchasing some if I could master the printing process?


  1. While Googling around this morning, I thought I’d see what was available on “retro QSL cards.” I came up with these two interesting links:

  2. Dan – that design is looking good. I offered some feedback as a reply to your post on my blog. Let me know if you didn’t see it, and I can copy you here, or to your e-mail. Also – Gary WD4NKA commented too. He runs his own letterpress business, and his work looks great. I take the easy way out and print my cards at Fedex Kinkos. That way, I can print small quantities as I use them, and am not stuck with a large quantity of cards if I wish to change anything on them.

    73 and good luck with that card!


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