ARROW News, circa 1999

A local ham, Wallace, WA1TFW, recently passed, and his daughter donated some of his things to the Ann Arbor Hands-on Museum. While looking at what she donated, I ran across the September/October issue of the ARROW News. ARROW is the club here in Ann Arbor.


There are several items to note here:

  • Very few of the amateurs mentioned or listed in the newsletter are still members of the club. In fact, most of the calls I don’t recognize, as I wasn’t very active in 1999. I’m not even sure I was an ARROW member at this point.
  • KT8K is the one notable exception. He’s still an ARROW member and very active on the air. N8ZLR is still in the area, and a club member, I believe, but I don’t know how active he is these days.  According to QRZ.Com, N8REG is still in Ann Arbor, but I haven’t seen him for quite a while.
  • Several of the callsigns are now SKs.
  • There is a new product announcement for a Radio Shack (!) 440 HT. The announcement notes that it costs a “reasonable” $300.  In today’s dollars that would be about $420. There were no Baofengs in 1999!
  • Speaking of QRZ.Com, there’s a small item on the Internet Ham Radio Callbook. To access the callbook, you had to telnet to 200. Anyone remember telnetting to places on the Internet?
  • The upcoming swaps noted on the first page are still going, if not going strong. Findlay is still a good one for sure.

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