Extra Class question of the day: contesting

E2C01 asks, “Which of the following is true about contest operating?” The correct answer is “Operators are permitted to make contacts even if they do not submit a log.” This is a fun way to get your feet wet in contesting and helps the operators participating in the contest to achieve higher scores.

Having said that, you should submit a log, even if you only make a handful of contacts. At WA2HOM, we participated in the CQWW SSB contest last fall. We only operated for a short time, as we can only operate when the museum is open. Even so, we recently received a certificate for being the highest scorer in the single transmitter, multi-operator category in the 8th call district. As it turns out, we were the only entry in this category, but so what? We’re champions!

Now, let’s look at the wrong answers:

  • Interference to other amateurs is unavoidable and therefore acceptable. It’s bad practice–as well as illegal–to cause harmful interference whenever you’re operating, even during contests.
  • It is mandatory to transmit the call sign of the station being worked as part of every transmission to that station. Part 97 requires only that you identify your station, at least once every ten minutes during a contact and at the end of a contact. Even during normal operation, you don’t have to give the callsign of the station being worked.
  • Every contest requires a signal report in the exchange. Many contests no longer require a signal report in the exchange.The reason for this is that the signal reports exchanged are rarely true signal reports. That being the case, why bother to exchange them?


  1. That’s really helpful, explaining each choice and why it’s right/wrong – thanks!

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