Find Hams in Your Area

I’ve blogged about finding hams in your area before:

A recent thread on the HamRadioHelpGroup mailing list prompts me to revisit this topic, though. The replies list four different websites that you can use to find out this information:

The first two, the FCC ULS and QRZ.Com, produce text listings. The latter two map out each ham’s location. One feature of the FCC website that the others don’t have is that you can get information on nearly any licensee of the FCC. There’s a dropdown menu that lets you specify a particular service.

I typed in my zip code – 48103 – into each website. The FCC returned 177 hams, QRZ.Com 143, Where Are  All the Hams? 140, and the Ham Locator 139. I’m not sure why they all differ, but my guess for why the FCC number is so much higher than the others is that it includes hams whose licenses have expired.


  1. Good afternoon Dan,
    Have a funny story about ham’s in my area, one lives just down the street our daughters were in the same class in middle school. Had the dog out for a walk one day he was out at his car. Went over introduced myself was met with a very cold almost icy responses. Tried to strike up a conversation that went nowhere fast. Thought maybe he was having a bad day. Have tried to talk with him on other occasions and same if not worse. Just chalked it up to a bad apple, since then have met two other hams. The experience was the opposite we have had great conversations and been to each others shacks.

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