Ham Radio in the News – 4/6/12

Knobs, Dials, and Crackles.  BBC Radio 4’s Today programme is producing a limited edition, digital radio – sold to raise money for Children in Need. Aspiring UK designers – and listeners with a touch of creative flair – are being encouraged to submit designs. For inspiration, reporter Nicola Stanbridge went to look at one of the country’s largest private collections of vintage radios.

Wales remembers young radio amateur who monitored and reported Titanic distress calls. As the Titanic was sinking in the North Atlantic, its more than 2,000 passengers and crew scrambling in the dark for lifeboats, a young man far away in Wales heard the ship’s distress calls on his homemade radio. The local Blackwood & District Amateur Radio Society will be using a special call sign to send messages on April 13-15 from Gelligroes Mill, where Moore built and operated his device.

Billy Burdette, K4NJS, SK. Mr. Burdette was a past member of the Spartanburg Amateur Radio Club and he was a current member of the Old Friends Amateur Radio Group. He was a dedicated amateur radio operator having the call letters K4NJS. Billy was a colorful figure attending dozens of hamfests over the years.

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