Ham Radio NowI don’t know how I missed watching HamRadioNow, but now that I’ve seen my first episode, you can bet that I’m going to be a regular viewer from now on. If you ask me, it’s more interesting than HamNation on TWIT.

The last episode I watched is episode #24, which talks about WB2JKJ, the radio club of Junior High School #22 in New York City. You’ve seen the ads in QST and the other ham radio magazines. If you ever wondered about those ads–and the program behind it–you should watch this episode.

The program is actually not about getting kids their amateur radio licenses. Instead, it’s about using amateur radio to teach language arts, geography, etc. And, the program is now more than just a New York City kind of thing. The program reaches out to all educators nationwide.

This episode of HRN was a real eye-opener for me. If you’re at all interested in ham radio in education, watch this episode. If you’re at all interested in any other aspect of ham radio, watch one of the other 20+ episodes.


  1. Gary KN4AQ does a great job with his videos.
    The next time you can’t come up with a program for your club meeting, just show one of his DVDs.

    73, Bob K0NR

  2. Dan KB6NU says:

    Great idea, Bob!

  3. Dan KB6NU says:

    I just started watching HamRadioNow Episode 25 and found a nice mention of my blog there. KN4AQ mentions this blog post just before the 2:00 minute mark. Thanks for the mention, Gary, and you really should consider sending out something like my sticker when someone sends you a donation. I think it works!

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