HR 607 Creating a Stir on the Blogs

The hubbub over HR 607, which, in its current form, would take away the 420-440 MHz segment that is presently allocated to Amateur Radio on a secondary basis, is getting some notice on the blogs.
An item on Metafilter, “First they came for the Muslims, and I broadcast nothing…” reports:

Rep. Peter King (R-NY), not content with questioning Muslim loyalty, has introduced HR 607, the “Broadband for First Responders Act of 2011,” to take away HAM radio from amateur operators (sic), and sell it to he highest commercial bidder in order to fund some kind of separate internet for cops.

Wonkette picked up on this item and took it to another level. The post, “IRA Terrorist Peter King Now Wants To Take America’s Amateur Radio Band.” Be sure to read some of the comments on this post. I thought this comment from Barbara_i was kind of funny:

Wow, it took them long enough to figure out that Ham radio is actually, short for Hamas radio. Now they should just shut down all the Radio Shacks and we can get back to going through airport security without having to take a morning-after pill.

And, this one by EdFlintstone:

Defunding NPR and planned parenthood, hearings on the Muslims and now a ham radio bill. Can’t you feel all the jobs being created? We’ll all probably have 2 jobs very soon…….minimum wage jobs, but still.


  1. Dan KB6NU says:

    Her’s another link:

    King Wants to Sell Out Ham Radio

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