Longwave Links

Here are a couple of long wave links sent in my Jim, K8ELR:

  • Longwave Home Page. Interested in working or just listening to longwave radio? Check out this website for the Long Wave Club of America (LCWA).
  • QRS. In order to beat the high QRM and QRN levels on the 136kHz ham band very slow CW is used (speeds going from 0.4 WPM even down to 0.01 WPM). QRS is a program that allows you to key your TX at these extreme slow speeds using the serial or parallel port of your PC.

    ON7YD has other programs that hams will find useful, such as RCL Meter, which enables you to use your PC’s soundcard to measure inductance and capacitance.


  1. Dan ,
    It looks like the canadian gov’t is shuting down their hams use of this frequency.

    quote from
    Daily Amateur Radio News Service: 5/27/07

    Special authorizations for Canadian Amateur Radio experiments to cease

    Since 2001, at the request of RAC, Industry Canada has granted a number of special authorizations to some Canadian radio amateurs to conduct experiments in the band 135.7 – 137.8 kHz and at 5 MHz.

    These experiments have had, as one objective, the provision of data that would support the objectives of RAC and the IARU for possible new allocations to the Amateur Service at these frequencies.

    In accordance with the agreement between RAC and Industry Canada, all the special authorizations to Canadian radio amateurs will be terminated and transmissions must cease as of 30 June, 2007.

    Further special authorizations will depend on the outcomes of WRC-2007, scheduled for 22 October – 16 November, at which, on the initiative of Canada, a new, worldwide, secondary allocation to the Amateur Service at 135.7 – 137.8 kHz is on the agenda.
    A secondary allocation near 5 MHz may also arise at WRC-2007 as a consideration in the review of radio services in the band 4 – 10 MHz.

    Per the agreement for special authorizations, each experimenter is required to prepare a summary report of his experiments, which may be in the form of an article for TCA

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