Love from my readers

One of the coolest things about writing my No-Nonsense study guides is the e-mail I get from my readers. At least once a week, I get an e-mail thanking me for the help that my study guides provided. Here are some samples:

I wanted to thank you for the materials I found on line for preparing for the Technician and General Class exams. I passed my Tech test in Feb 2014 and upgraded to general today. I could not have done it without your no nonsense study guides. 73, Joe

Hi Dan. Thanks for your wonderful guide. I used it and passed Tech exam (with zero -0- incorrect). It was perfect for explaining and as a study guide. I wish I studied and taken General. I’ve started and already am passing General practice exams. I used eham and AA9PW for practice exams. Yours is a great addition/resource. I’m joining the SF Amateur Radio Club. I got into this from emergency training (and childhood). Thanks again. I hope you can promote this for schools, etc. –Big Stu KK6NKZ

I’ve been visiting your site for a few weeks, now. I recently downloaded
and printed out your Tech Class study guide, and carried it around with
me, reading, re-reading and basically used it as a security blanket for my
study. Just this past Saturday – I sat for my Technician Class and General Class exams. I am grateful. Your guide worked. 73! Terrylee KK6NNO

The No-Nonsense Extra Class Study Guide is exactly what I needed to focus on passing the Extra Class Amateur Radio Exam. The cost was trivial compared to the time saved. Thank you very much! Tait KE6PWP

Hi Dan. I just want to drop a quick email and tell you that I took the Tech Exam last night and passed. I used your No-Nonsense Tech study guide. Now, to start studying for the General. Thanks, Johnny KG7NIC

Just wanted to say thank you and your study guide. Took my test last Saturday at the Duke city ham Fest, and scored 85. My son kd5viq is now studying for his. Thanks, Mark KD5VCV

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