New Additions to WA2HOM

We’ve added a couple of new things to WA2HOM, most notably our new QSL display and we’ve finally gotten our maps framed and hung.

The QSL display is shown at right. What they did was to put a plexiglass frame over the railing separating the station from the ramp. This allows museum visitors to get a closer view of our QSL cards. Up near the desk, we have our DX QSL cards; down by the door to the shack, we have the domestic QSLs.

The maps are shown below. They are mounted on the wall opposite the shack door. We haven’t yet done this, but the plan is to put little dots on the maps to mark the locations of stations we’ve contacted. This will give our visitors a very visual indication of what we can do with ham radio. WA2HOM Maps

New Exhibits in Place
There are also a couple of new exhibits in place.  Joining the “see your voice on the oscilloscope” exhibit, is the Morse Code exhibit and the crystal radio exhibit. (I should have also taken pictures of those exhibits, but just didn’t for some strange reason.)

The Morse code exhibit features two ruggedized straight keys, one connected to an audio oscillator, the other connected to a telegraphy sounder. It’s kind of interesting to compare the two different sounds.

The Final Frontier
The last piece of the puzzle is the tower and beam.  I’m told that they’re making progress on this. Permits have been pulled and orders have been placed. I’m hoping that the beam will be up by the end of September.

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