One-Day Tech Class Passes Nine of Twelve

Yesterday, Bruce, KD8APB, and I taught yet another One-Day Tech Class. This time, nine of the twelve students passed.

One of the students that failed was a ten- or eleven-year-old boy who failed by only one or two questions. He says that he plans to take the test again at a regularly-scheduled test session tomorrow.

The other two admitted that they didn’t study at all before coming to the class, despite my exhortations to do so. While I hate to see them fail, I guess there’s nothing really that I could have done about that.

Overall, here’s our record to date:

Date Total Passed
7/28/07 11 7
5/10/08 11 10
9/13/08 13 12
12/6/08 10 9
2/27/09 10 9
4/25/09 9 8
6/13/09 12 9

All together, 64 of 76 passed the test, yielding an 84.2% pass rate. If the boy passes tomorrow, we’ll be 65/76 or 85.5%.


  1. 3 Cheers for our 2 Bus Drivers!

    64 New Amateur Radio Operators as a result of the efforts of KD8APB & KB6NU.

  2. Mike - WM4B says:

    Central Georgia ARC just passed 19 of 21 on Saturday. Another great success story!

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