September is National Preparedness Month

I’m not a big ARES/RACES guy, but this item from the ARRL Letter for 9/4/09 deserves a little extra play:


Once again this year, ARRL is a coalition member of the National Preparedness Month. This event is an annual nationwide effort held each September to encourage Americans to take simple steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses and schools.

National Preparedness Month 2009 is sponsored by the US Department of Homeland Security. The goal is to increase public awareness about the importance of preparing for emergencies and to encourage individuals to take action. Throughout September and the months surrounding it, Homeland Security will work together with a wide variety of organizations, including local, state and federal government agencies and the private sector, to highlight the importance of family and business emergency preparedness, as well as to promote individual involvement through events and activities across the nation.

More information can be found online . You are encouraged to consider this year’s ARRL Simulated Emergency Test and all preparations as well as post exercise evaluations as a demonstration of your readiness and Amateur Radio’s readiness. Be an active participant in SET, and join others nationwide in National Preparedness Month.

One reason that this deserves some play is that emergency-preparedness groups are a good place to recruit new hams. Every SkyWarn member, for example, should have an amateur radio license. So should nearly every local Red Cross volunteer. Go get ‘em.

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