Taking My Show on the Road

It’s always flattering when someone asks you advice. That’s how I felt when a ham radio club here in Michigan asked me about the one-day Tech classes that I teach from time to time.

In the course of the discussion, the club’s president asked, “Do you ever take your class on the road? Would you consider doing the class for us here?” I was even more flattered.┬áHe went on to say that if I would consider teaching the class, then he would try to get the club to pick up my expenses.

After swapping a couple more e-mails, we agreed on a date and that they would pay my expenses. Sounds like it will be fun.

So much fun that I’ll make this offer to other clubs out there. If your club is willing to pay my expenses, I’ll come and teach a one-day Tech class for your club.


  1. Good morning Dan, sounds like the world tour is next…but seriously yes that is an honor to be asked. It is hard to find someone who can teach in an understandable and interesting way. So being asked to conduct a coarse and the tab is being picked up as well congratulate yourself on all the hard work you have put in and the time spent to have become an effective communicator.

  2. Hi Dan
    Nice to catch up with you again on 40 meter cw today. You were booming as usual. Forecast for tonight is minus 24 or so. Still very little snow = no snowmobilers = empty hotel.
    Stay warm.


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