Teaching a Ham Class?

This has been sitting in my inbox for a couple of months now. Guess I better go check it out. The General class I’m teaching starts in less than two weeks.

New Resource for Instructors! (Nov 5, 2003)
Field and Educational Services is proud to announce our newest resource for active Volunteer Instructors: The Online Instructor Primer. This new compilation by Linda Mullally, KB1HSV is jam-packed with helpful tips, links, and tutorials sure to help instructors eager to try new ideas and approaches. The web primer is organized so that information can be located in an instant. Just use the handy index, and topics ranging from “Planning” “How to Get Volunteers to Teach” and “Take Advantage of Special Events” are just a key-click away. Quick-links give you full-access to many ARRL services — and becoming a Volunteer Instructor has never been made easier. Go ahead – read why being an Instructor can be so rewarding!

There’s a lot of good information on these pages, but not much about teaching code, unfortunately.

UPDATE 3/15/12: The Online Instructor Primer is no longer online. There are some instructor resources, though, on the Resources for License Instruction page of the ARRL website.

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