Tech Manual Feedback

Although it’s been published only for about six weeks, I’ve already gotten some kudos and some good feedback on my No-Nonsense, No-Code Tech License Manual.

One new ham commented,

Thank you. I bought the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual and read through it (doing all the questions as I went along). I was doing fine on the questions only missing 1 or 2. As a final study step, I read your manual and it made everything come into focus. It was the perfect study guide. I think I could have passed just reading your manual. I will say yhat having read the ARRL book first, your document was the perfect companion. By the way.. I got 100 on the exam. Again.. thank you.

Another noted:

I used your study guide to teach a two-day Technician class. Even though I only had 2 students, it was a success. Both passed and are waiting for their call signs
to be issued.

The only complaint I got was that there were no drawings or diagrams in the booklet. I feel that there should be several pertaining to setting up a station and hooking up a modem for packet or RTTY.

I was thinking about adding some figures to the manual, where a diagram would clarify an issue. This comment certainly gives me the push to do so. I’d love to get more feedback as well.


  1. Dan, I have just printed off your manual and from what little I have read I think this it the ticket! I am taking a class with Bruce and this will help a great deal.


    Les Rowe

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