Were You an SWL Way Back When?

This was just posted on QRZ.Com. I got into ham radio via SWLing—like many of you probably did—so I thought you might be interested in this….Dan

Ian McFarland releases 2-CD journey into SW Nostalgia!

Colin Newell writes: Were you a shortwave listener back in 1974?

If you were a regular listener to RCI’s popular SWL Digest programme, which went off the air in March of 1991 in the wake of a devastating budget cut at RCI, then you may remember the SW station Idents & Interval Signals Series that was featured on this award winning programme.

That series featured 160 identification and interval signals from SW stations around the world. Many of the ident signals heard in that long running series are no longer on the air.

If you feel nostalgic about the “good old days” of SWLing you’ll be interested to know that this unique series is now available in a two-CD set. The CDs are fully indexable and come with a hard copy listing all of these 160 ident signals.

The cost of this 2 CD set includes first class or airmail postage to anywhere in the world:

To addresses in Canada – $10
To addresses in the USA – $12 US
To all other countries – $ 15 in US or Canadian funds
The net proceeds from the sale of these CDs are being donated to the local Food Bank in Duncan, British Columbia.

Send your order to: Ian McFarland, 6667 Beaumont Avenue, Duncan, BC V9L 5X8, Canada. Personal cheques or money orders are accepted from Canada & the USA. Money Orders only for orders from all other countries.

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  1. Yes, I remember the “Ident & Interval Signal” series on Radio Canada International. I had an old military surplus BC-348 receiver and an RME 45B communications receiver. My antenna wasn’t all that great, about 20′ of wire about 15 feet above the ground. At the time this series was running, HCJB, Quito, Ecquador ran an interval signal contest. They played 15 interval signals from different short wave stations. I correctly ID’d 8 out of the 15 in September 1975, when I was still a teenager. I have just recently become re-interested in the hobby. I’m hoping that the current low sunspot cycle will improve. Thank you for allowing me to post.



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