What I Learned Twittering Yesterday

If you’re an Internet geek, like me, you know that Twittter is all the rage lately. It’s sort of a combination of broadcast e-mail and BBS with an immediate RSS feed.

On Twitter, you follow people and have followers. When people you follow enter a post, which is limited to 140 characters, you immediately get that post. When you enter a post—sometimes called a “tweet”—your followers get the post. Sounds crazy, but it’s kind of cool and fun, too.

The trick is following people you have something interesting to say. The flip side, of course, is to contribute interesting stuff yourself. As kb6nu, I have 175 follwers and am following 101 people.

At an rate, yesterday, I got two tweets that I found interesting:

  • HamCon podcast. Jerry Taylor, KD0BIK, podcasts about his experiences at HamCon in CO.
  • Field Day Tips. Field Day is not supposed to be solely a contest—and it’s not, really—but it does have a big contest component and many hams who aren’t contesters participate. Here are some tips for those people.

    Tip #10, “Go for as many bonus points as you possibly can,” for example, is great advice. If you think about it, a 100-point bonus, such as copying the W1AW bulletin, counts for as much as 100 phone contacts.

These are two examples of links to websites, but Twitter can also bring you information on band conditions and ham radio events. If you’re already a Twitter user, you can follow me by going to www.twitter.com/kb6nu.

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