Why you should join an amateur radio club

Tom, W3ROK, has compiled the reasons one should join an amateur radio club and posted them to the Mason County Amateur Radio Club website. Some of the reasons include:

  • It provides contact with local radio amateurs.
  • You can get help building a station.
  • Clubs often sponsor license exam classes.
  • Clubs make ham radio more visible in the community.
  • Clubs organize activities such as hamfests, scout radio merit badge sessions, and Field Day.
  • You can often borrow infrequently used test equipment instead of buying it.
  • It’s fun!


  1. We’ve pulled in a bunch of comments contributed by club members, plus comments from folks on the WorldWideDX forum and HamRadioHelpGroup (Yahoo! group). Those are rolled up into logical headings at http://www.mc-arc.org/2010/01/why-join-amateur-radio-club-two.html

    Our club is taking the comments to heart. We’re arranging for more interesting programs for club members…things like workshops, guest speakers, and maybe even some mini-field days. The biggest challenge is how to obtain new members, and we’re hoping that creating experiences that are more rich and fulfilling will help with recruiting club members.


    Tom W3ROK

  2. Perhaps this is a stale answer given the date of the article. I have been told by experienced amateurs that one distinct advantage of being a member of a club is that you gain access to repeaters owned by others. Am I incorrect?

    • Well, that’s not quite right. If someone is operating a closed repeater, being a club member isn’t going to help much, unless that repeater owner allows the club’s members to use it.

  3. Thank you Dan. I have been involved with hams virtually all my life (age=65) and one never knows if the information is accurate or outdated or just incomplete. Life is learning and I have a long way to go.

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