Yesterday’s One-Day Tech Class: Everyone Passed!

Yesterday, we held yet another One-Day Tech Class, and just like last time, we scored 100% again. We had twelve students, with all twelve passing the test!

What was notable about this class is that we had two of our youngest students ever—two brothers, aged ten and twelve. Normally, kids don’t do well in the one-day format, and I mentioned this to their mother. She turned to the kids, who quickly told her that they were sure they could pass.

As we got into the material, it was evident that they had been studying. They had a little trouble doing the math—at one point one of them exclaimed, “We haven’t had fractions yet!” I slowed down a bit, though, and I think they got the idea.

They did have the other material down, though. As we covered the other sections, they were quick to answer the questions.

I was very impressed that the kids were able to stick with us through the whole six-hour session. They did get distracted from time to time, but I tried to keep them involved by asking them questions and speaking directly to them. In the end, it paid off. They both passed the test!

While we were waiting for their tests to be scored, I spoke briefly with the parents. As it turns out, it was their mother who encouraged their interest in amateur radio. As a girl, she’d built a crystal set and learned Morse Code. Now, I’ve got to get her into my next class.


  1. Dan,
    We’ve been using a 2-day format for Technician Classes and had a reasonable success rate with kids ages 11 to 13. It all depends on their motivation and willingness to study. A few didn’t find the time to read the material and they did not pass. We did make it a point to take frequent breaks and keep the class moving.

    Bob K0NR

  2. Mike - WA6ARA says:

    I’m curious, what are you seeing as to the rate of new hams, the Techs, who after earning their license, actually get on the air? We are seeing poor results after a year. We just finished a Tech class with 8 earning their tickets. I am guessing that about half will be active. Some classes we have had probably 70 percent never get on the air. This includes some who have radios!

  3. Duane - KD8NVM says:

    Thanks again Dan for the excellent instruction. Your guide was very helpful and an easy read. I also dug up a 12 year old copy of “Now You’re Talkin!” that I had from my teenage years. I didnt follow through on it then, I think I was just too busy chasing girls and reluctant to spend the time to learn code.

    Going into the test I was a little worried about how rusty my ohms law was, but after taking it I realized that worry was for nothing.

    I have been looking at some radios. Could use suggestions on handhelds but I think I have some mobiles narrowed down. I think its either the Yaesu FTM-350R -or- the Icom IC2820H. Im a tech geek and I dont think I would get bored with either of these radios. Do you know anyone that has either radio? If so, what do they think?

  4. Dan KB6NU says:

    Thanks for your comments, Duane. Congrats on passing the test!

    I don’t know of anyone who has either of these radios, but I’m an Icom guy, so I’d recommend the Icom.

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