Yet More Links

Here are yet more websites that I’ve had occasion to visit recently:

  • Fox Tango International—The Yaesu Users Group. If you own a Yaesu, you should know about this website. They run a BBS and several mailing lists that discuss Yaesu gear. Also available, are manuals for discontinued Yaesu gear. I just came into possession of an FT-757GXII, and I found all of the manuals for it here.
  • The Prince of Mars in Morse Code. Using the G4FON CW Trainer, AC4FS is converting the William Edgar Burroughs novel, The Prince of Mars into Morse Code. He’s up to Chapter 9 (of 28) already.
  • Videos of amateur radio on the WWII submarine USS Cod. The USS COD is a WWII Gato Class Fleet Type submarine. It is now a Museum Ship and Memorial to the 3900+ men who have given their lives to the Silent Service and remain on eternal patrol. It is permanently docked in Cleveland, OH. Her original Navy callsign is NECO, but now the USS Cod Amateur Radio Club operates a station on the sub using the callsign W8COD.

    On his website, Bill KA8VIT has videos of the sub and radio room, as well as a video of a QSO made from the club station.


  1. The Prince of Mars in Morse Code! That’s hilarious. Made me think of the old Monty Python sketch about Whuthering Heights in semaphore flags, Julius Ceasar by Aldis Lamp, and Gunfight at the OK Corral in Morse Code!

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