Your ARRL Board of Directors at work


The ARRL Board held their annual winter meeting on January 17 – 18, and the meeting minutes are now published. Here are a few items that I thought were of interest:

#6. Kay Craigie, N3KN, was elected to a third term as ARRL president. How do you feel about the job she’s doing? She’s certainly been lower key than some of her predecessors. How much of a difference can the ARRL president really make?

#31. Mr. Frahm entertained questions on the report of the Ad Hoc HF Band Planning Committee. Who even knew that the ARRL had an HF Band Planning Committee? Anyone know what they’re up to?

#32, 50. Mr. Mileshosky entertained questions on the report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Youth in the Second Century. Later on in the meeting, they disbanded this committee. Apparently, the committee submitted a “comprehensive set of recommendations for staff and Board consideration in July 2013.” Has anyone seen this report or heard about it?

#33. Mr. Widin entertained questions on the report of the Ad Hoc Logbook of The World Committee. This might have also been an interesting report to see. My experience with LOTW has been very positive lately. 

You can download the full meeting minutes here. Being minutes they are very terse, but if you want more information, say on the band-planning committee or the youth committee, contact your ARRL division director.

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