A Cogent Comment

On the TenTec Omni VII mailing list, a discussion was recently started about updates that are currently in the works for some of the TenTec transceivers. These include firmware updates for the new Eagle and the Orion 565, a real-time panoramic display for the Orion and the Omni VII, and the possibility of increasing the transmit bandwidth of the Omni VII to 6 kHz, so that SSB operators could run extended single sideband (ESSB).

A discussion followed on whether or not ESSB should be allowed. Those arguing that it shouldn’t be pointed to Part 97, paragraph 307:

Emission standards.
(a) No amateur station transmission shall occupy more bandwidth than necessary for the information rate and emission type being transmitted, in accordance with good amateur practice.

This was debated back and forth, but the most cogent comment came from Richards, K8JHR. He said,

Operators could spend less time trying to sound good, and more time trying to say something significant or meaningful. Our mantra should be “Do you understand…” not “How’s my audio…”

Amen, brother.

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