Anyone Got a T-2?

Thirty or more years ago, I bought a random-wire tuner from a company called SST Electronics. I never did get it to work right back then, but a couple of years ago, I dug it out of the desk drawer and got it to tune a random wire on 80m. (See “The W3EDP Antenna” for more information).

A couple of weeks ago I was reading an old ham radio magazine, and lo and behold, I found an ad for the company. Not only that, they were advertising an SST T-2 Ultra Tuner, in addition to the T-1 (see below).

Now, I’d like to purchase a T-2 to complete my collection. Anyone got one?


  1. Heh, I do, but it’s in active service as it’s the only tuner I own. I’ll keep you in mind if I find a replacement thought. ;)

    I didn’t know it could handle up to 200W though. I always thought I was pushing my luck with 100W…

  2. Eric_N6SPP_sfo area says:

    I purchased a T2 while stationed in W.Germany in 1981 from 73 Magazine(i think).
    Mine has been in semi-continuos use since then. Anyone on e-Ham or eBay have one?

    Sri.. I’m attached to it. hi

    ps. Years ago, a friend saw the SST logo, and thought it was a design done by a member of the band
    “Black Flag”. I remember them saying that the “Black Flag” guy was into radio.. hmm.. don’t know the validity of that.. hello- Google.

    ==Hope u find one! ==ps. i can send a few pics of it, if u want.

    73 Eric [n6spp/b 28.28 mhz cm97_sfo area]

    • Greg Ginn, founder of SST records is the one that these tuners were built by. He started a company called Solid State Transmitters (SST) when he was 12 years. That name eventually migrated to be SST records also created by Ginn. He’s punk rock band member.

  3. Hey, Eric. You and Ben are the only two who’ve replied that have said that they have one. Haven’t found anyone yet who wants to part with one.

  4. I’v got one too. I’m looking for any manuals or documentation. Can anyone help? kc7cnc

  5. I have a SST T-4 Ultra Tuner I do not have an owners manual. Anyone know where I can get a copy. Thanks Tom N6MQG

  6. Alfredo says:

    Hi. I do have a SST-2 Ultra Tuner. I bought it back in 1980 when I was starting my ham radio activity. It gave a lot of satisfactions to me (it is really good for matching long wires!) but I have to confess that nowadays I use another one and it is sleeping in a cupboard… So I wouldn’t mind to sell it to you. Just e-mail me, if you are interested, to arrange a price and a safe way to ship it to you. EA1BCS.

  7. SST tuners and SST records were basically the same company, Black Flag( the LA punk band) founder and guitarist Greg Ginn was a ham radio buff and electronics builder before he picked up a guitar and became a early 80′s punk rock icon. Solid State Tuners basically morphed into SST records when vinyl records of his band ended up out selling his radio electronics and he gave music a full time career run. Good luck finding old SST electronics cheap…..Black Flag fans have been snatching them up and even having Greg Ginn autograph them.

    • Dan KB6NU says:

      Seriously? That may be one reason why you never see them being sold on the ham market.

      Having said that, got any idea what I could get for my T-1 from one of these Black Flag fans? :)

  8. Jason AB8ZX says:

    I’m a long time ham, Black Flag fan and I own a T2 and it still works.

    Pretty sure I was the first person to ever have Ginn sign one.

    At a show, I asked if he’d sign something for me and the look on his face seemed to say, “great I gotta sign another copy of Damaged”

    It totally blew him away and he seemed truly surprised when I pulled it out of my pocket. he even put his old callsign on it!

    He asked if he could have it for a second and he took it to his road crew and band members, the smile on his face.

    He then took me backstage and we talked for an hour before his set. Oh the stories he told me about the good old days.

  9. I happen to have an SST T-2. It’s been in my junk box for many years. Recently, when we bought into a retirement community, living in a high rise, in San Antonio, Texas, I dug the tuner out as I needed a small tuner for operation from our San Antonio location.

    I hooked it up, and it does work very well at matching various portable antennas ( MFJ-1622 Apartment Antenna, Firestick Antennas, and random wire antennas) mounted on our high rise balcony. I like it very much both for its small size and that it works very well. I never used the SST tuner much until we moved into this high rise. I am operating QRP with a Yaesu FT-817ND with LDG Z-817 Autotuner, and an Icom 706 Mk2-G with the T-2 Antenna tuner.

    So I wish you luck in finding one for sale, as the tuner works quite well.


    Bill, K6IH

  10. Wayne Dillon says:

    Yeah I got a T-2, Just dug it out of my junk box. Missing the Inductor knob though… anyone got any paperwork for it? I think it needs a clean though.
    73, Wayne – KC0PMH

  11. Jonathan KC7FYS says:

    I have a T1 and T2 on Eb*y now. Any idea what Greg Ginn’s callsign was?
    Jonathan XV2OC among others.

  12. I need a manual for the SST T2 “Ultra Tuner.” If you have a scan, please send a copy to I also need a manual for the DSI 3550 Frequency Counter.

  13. I have a SST T-2 in great shape. Will trade for a MFJ 949D or similar. As long as I have a good tuner to use, it doesn’t have to be a SST, but I must admit that this is one classy little unit!

  14. Darren Stewart says:

    I have a t2 surplus to requirements, anyone have an idea how much they sell for,

    cheers Dazza 2e0dms

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