Cheap Batteries

Ralph, KB8ZOY, forwarded this video on how to obtain AA cells cheaply by buying a 6V lantern battery and then cracking open the case. Has anyone ever tried this? How long do the batteries last?


  1. Here’s one that show it doesn’t work…

    Which one to believe…?

    I dunno.

  2. Dan KB6NU says:

    Hmmmmmm. That’s amusing. I notice that the brands are different. The one that purportedly contains 32 AA batteries is a brand called “Powercell” while the one that contains four big cells is Eveready.

  3. Did you happen to notice that the first one is from GAGFILMS? That should have been a giveaway. There has been a big discussion on these videos on both and, your not the only one hoping that his would be true.

  4. Opppppps. I guess I got “gagged.”

  5. Well I’m out 6 bucks too! EVEREADY 6V has only 4 cells!!!!!
    Lesson learned………

  6. Dan posed a question not a fact so Dan you didn’t get gagged you asked a question that cost people money.

    Did anyone notice the batteries weren’t soldered together?
    “powercell” is distributed by Walgreens
    Internet tip just because you saw a video does not make it real
    Just because it is written does not make it real…
    has anyone else took apart a “POWERCELL” 6V????

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