“Choosing a Radio” Guide Now Available

From the May 2009 issue of the ARRL E-Newsletter for Registered Instructor and Teachers:

As I reported earlier, the ARRL began developing a guide to help new hams choose their first radio at the urging of licensing instructors generally, and with special impetus from David Haycock, KI6AWR and Greg Widin, K0GW. The guide was recently finalized, and will be included as a supplement in the next printing of the 1st edition of the Ham Radio License Manual that has just recently gone to press. It also has been posted on its own Web page, where it is accessible to any member. Check it out!


  1. Kudos to N0AX, K0GW and KI6AWR for a valuable and well written guide!

    Unfortunately the ARRL has placed it in the members only section of the website, which will keep this well-written document from many new hams that could use its advice. Surely it might be better to make it publically available, perhaps with a plug for ARRL membership?

    I would have liked to include this in a forthcoming list of online resources for new hams.

  2. strange that a guide intended for new hams to be in a members only section

    NOT IMO a good move f the ARRL wants to impress new and nonmember hams

  3. Dan KB6NU says:

    I kind of agree. I’ll e-mail the folks I know at ARRL HQ and relay your comments.

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