Coiling Cables

A couple of years ago at Field Day, Bruce, KT8TD, tried to show me how to coil cables properly. using the “over-under” technique. Using this technique helps prevent cables from getting all tangled when you uncoil them. I really was too tired at the time to pay much attention, and I never really learned the trick.

Yesterday, though, someone on Twitter posted a link to a Boing Boing post that describes the technique and links to a YouTube video (below) that shows you how to do it. I practiced with some tangled cables I had laying around the shack, and now think that I can coil with the best of them. Try it. It really works.


  1. Ronny Risinger says:

    Always great to see handy tips. I knew the first technique, but not the second. Learn something useful every day.

    Tnx and 73.

    Austin, TX

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