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Here are some items of interest that have been discussed on the many ham radio mailing lists I’m on.

  • KISS-SSBKISS-SSB. The KISS-SSB is a counterpoise designed to be used with a marine SSB transceiver. It’s a nice compact design that claims to operate from 2-30 MHz, when used with an automatic antenna tuner. Basically, it’s a ten-ft. long tube stuffed with bunch of radials. At $145, this seems a bit expensive, but this device, or a homebrew version of it, might be just the ticket for someone operating stealthily.
  • Field Day PR. The June issue of Contact! is loaded with new ideas, links and materials you can use for Field Day.
  • SWR Video. This awesome video from the AT&T archives looks like it was produced in 1959, and explains wave behavior using a mechanical machine. As the presenter, Dr. J. N. Shive, points out, though, electrical waves behave just like mechanical waves. Shive is really having fun presenting this topic. So much so, that it makes me wish I’d had him for my physics professor back at the University of Detroit!
  • Elecraft K3. Wayne Burdick, N6KR, of Elecraft shows the new Elecraft KX3 at the QRP ARCI ‘Four Days In May’at Dayton this year.

I was also going to post a couple of links to YouTube videos showing the sewer line explosion at Hara Arena during the recent Dayton Hamvention, but there’s a little too much profanity in them. If you really want to see them, go to YouTube, search for “2011 Dayton Hamvention,” and you’ll find them. It’s really amazing, and yet another reason that the Dayton Amateur Radio Association should move the Hamvention from Hara. It’s just a terrible facility, and it’s undoubtedly dissuaded many from ever returning to the Hamvention.


  1. John K2JLM says:


    My wife and I own a sailboat and I had contacted the owner of the company that makes the KISS-SSB counterpoise. I had asked if it would work on the ham bands. I must have deleted the e-mail. The owner replied that the counterpoise was cut for the different marine SSB bands. If I needed one that covered the ham bands I could special order one for that purpose.


  2. John K2JLM says:


    I had contacted the company a couple of years ago when I first saw the product, maybe they have changed the design. I was looking for a stealthy installation myself for my townhouse. I never installed a station so I didn’t follow through.

  3. The KISS-SSB works perfectly for me on 10 through 80 meters. I have a long wire in my attic along with an SGC tuner and a KISS-SSB laid out on the rafters and have been very pleased with the results. I also know a friend that has a long wire in a fiberglass flag pole with a KISS-SSB going around the base in a 4 foot diameter just covered under decorative rock and a tuner in a box that holds the lights for the flag and is very happy. Now that is STEALTH !

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