Having Fun with Ham Radio: Letting my inner geek out

Having Fun with Ham Radio: Letting my inner geek outI have a new book out!

Having Fun with Ham Radio: Letting my inner geek out is my third book. It’s a collection of some of the popular blog posts written between November 2002 to February 2005. There are four different chapters:

  1. Antennas
  2. Clubs
  3. Operating
  4. Gear and Gadgets

The antenna chapter includes posts about the Slinky Antenna and the J-pole antenna. The clubs chapter includes my post on the ABCs of Good Clubs. The operating chapter includes my post on casual DXing. The gear and gadgets chapter includes a couple of posts on using an antenna analyzer.

All of the posts have been updated. That was actually a lot more work than I thought. Many links I included in those early posts are no longer, so I not only had to  check that they were still valid, but find alternates, if they were not.

It’s only available as an e-book, and it only costs 99 cents! I’ve already sold a couple of copies on Amazon, but none so far on Barnes&Noble. Click on the links below to download it immediately to your e-book reader


  1. Dave, N8SBe says:

    I was looking for something ‘ham radio’ to read on my Android Kindle reader, after finishing SolderSmoke, The New DXer’s Handbook, Say for me Kaddish, and Three Hundred Zeroes, and you just came to my rescue!

    I anticipate many hours of pleasureable reading, whenever I get stuck someplace in line, etc., and have my phone with me.

    Thanks, and 73,

    — Dave, N8SBE

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