How to get Techs on HF?

In the Muskegon Amateur Radio Council newsletter, Flashovers, the following short column appeared:

ASK ELMER (Advice for the Ham)
Dear Elmer,
Most new hams seem to become active on the re- peaters to the exclusion of HF. How can we promote their activities on HF?
Signed, HFer

Dear HFer,
10 meters provides good opportunities for the Techni- cian operator to operate CW and SSB. But not FM. Perhaps, if they had FM privileges it would make the purchase of a 10 meter rig more attractive.
73, Elmer

Elmer would like to hear from you too. Write to him at: Flashovers, PO Box 691, Muskegon, MI 49443-0691 or contact him  at the following email address,

I e-mailed Elmer:

Hi, Elmer:

I have a couple of suggestions for encouraging Techs to get on HF.

  1. If your club has a club station, invite them down to the club station some evening or Saturday and have them get on the air! This might be especially cool during a special event or contest, such as the MI QSO Party.
  2. If your club doesn’t have a club station, invite them over to your house and let them operate your station for a bit. Show them your QSL cards and maybe the projects you’re working on. If you show them how much fun you have on HF, it will certainly encourage them to get on as well.

73, Dan KB6NU

I think all of us HFers should take some responsibility for introducing Techs—especially new ones—to the magic of HF. How do you do it?

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