Humorous Repeater IDs

Here are some humorous repeater IDs. The first set were recorded by Don, AE5DW, of Amateur Radio Newsline for Stuart, KD8LWR, for use on the crossband repeater that he’s set up in his backyard. My favorite one is “Located in NW Washtenaw County with HT coverage to all of Dexter, you’re listening to the KD8LWR repeater system.”  Dexter is a little burg here in SE Michigan with, I’d say about 5,000 people.

The second set was recorded by Don for the W4KEV repeater in Knoxville, TN. My favorite from this batch is “With less coverage than the owner’s hair, this is the W4KEV repeater.”

Stuart recorded the third set of IDs, which you can hear on the WB8DEL repeater. It’s on 224.560  MHz and located near Harbor Springs and Charlevoix in northern Michigan. My favorite from this set is, “If you want to be modulated, radiated, aerated, and communicated, you’re destinated when you’re situated on the WD8BEL repeater. Can you dig it?”


  1. Thanks for posting these! They’re awesome, right? One error though – you put “WD8BEL” instead of “WB8DEL” when citing the ID.

    Speaking of the WB8DEL repeater IDs, since the summer of 2010, it IDs as “WB8DEL” in CW. The good new is that it changes pitch and speed (as well as courtesy tones) at least every 6 months! My last visit was in August 2011, and my next visit is tomorrow, so I’ll see if the repeater’s ID pitch and speed and/or courtesy tone has changed since then or if the voice IDs are added back in!

    73 de KD8LWR

  2. Wonder what the courtesy tones are for the repeaters? Bet there awesome!

    • Hi Skyler!

      The courtesy tone for my cross-band repeater from back then was a triple beep at 600, 900, and 1200 Hz at 75ms each. The courtesy tone for the WB8DEL repeater back then was a single 500 Hz, 100ms tone. Now, it’s six tones at 50ms each, at frequencies of 2000, 1000, 667, 500, 400, and 333 Hz, in that order. Thanks for looking at these!

      73 de W8SRC

  3. Reed Krenn says:

    Back in the 70’s we had a repeater in Pittsburgh with humorous ID’s. My favorite was one with a dead nuts on impersonation of Tricky Dick saying “You’ll never hear an 18 minute gap on the WR3AJN repeater!”

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