I’m Now Officially a Pig

From time to time, I’ve been called a pig in the past. I think my mother was probably the first after getting a look at my room. I’m sure my wife has called me that at one time or another, too.

Well, now I’m officially a pig–a Flying Pig, in fact. I’m now a member of The Flying Pigs QRP Club International, #1171 to be exact.

It looks like a fun group. Their motto, for example, is ” No Dues, No Rules, Just Fun – and if we don’t like it we fix it!” How can you argue with a motto like that?

Even surfing their website is a lot of fun, although some might find the animated flying pigs to be a bit obnoxious after a while. It’s chock full of stuff, including a newsletter (named Bacon Bits) archive, a Builder’s Corner with links to construction data, and a bunch of photos from pig events.

Update 9/7/05:
I’ve also just applied for membership in the Second-Class Operators Club, whose motto is “Because so few are really First Class.” Think of it this way–this is an elite group for the rest of us. :)


  1. Ok, now you are also a SOC … #647. Shame on you !


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