Inexpensive Schematic Capture Software

On the Design News Forum, there is a thread on inexpensive schematic capture software. They list the following:

  • DesignWorks. At $500, this hardly qualifies as “low cost,” at least not for radio amateurs.
  • Smartdraw. At $200, this package is still pretty expensive.
  • pcb123. This package is freeware. You can’t get any cheaper than that.
  • TinyCAD. This package is open source, so it’s not only free, but if you really wanted to modify the code for your own purposes, you could do so.
  • For Linux/Unix users, bpaddock listed the following:

One guy also noted that he uses the drawing tools that come with Microsoft Word to draw schematics.


  1. Linear Technology offers a free SPICE simulation package that includes a schematic program too.

  2. Jay Craswell says:

    Or Circad – if you have a valid Ham Radio License its only $250 vrs $1000.00! I have a special “site” license that allows me to sell it for this discount. Email me if your interested. Better yet try the free demo version. It does enough that you can use it for a lot of stuff. And free is hard to beat!

    73 de Jay W0VNE ex WB0VNE

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