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  • KC1XX.Com

    This site is a description and chronology of the Amateur Radio Station owned by Matt Strelow. The station is designed for competition in the multi-operator multi-transmitter category of high-frequency DX contests, and makes no compromises for other categories or types of contests. Few will want to duplicate a station like this — there are less than ten such stations in the United States — but we hope that the people involved and the lessons learned are interesting to many.

    This guy has a boatload of antennas.

  • RadioShackCatalogs.Com
    For almost 65 years RadioShack has produced a catalog to rival no other electronics and technology company. Through the years, this catalog expanded to contain a mix of hi-fidelity stereos, amplifiers, radios, phonographs, speakers, televisions & antennas, CBs & communication equipment, computers, electronic components, electronic testing equipment, educational kits, toys, gadgets, batteries, electronic circuitry, and much more. Products from the RadioShack catalog were purchased by the everyday consumer, hobbyist, and professional.

    Now, what I want to see is a site devoted to Allied and Lafayette catalogs. Those are the catalogs that I grew up with.

  • NT7S Code Practice Oscillator. Using Manhattan-style construction, this code practice oscillator fits in an Altoids tin.
  • TenTec Wiki. Lots of good info about choosing and using TenTec gear. A complete section is devoted to the Omni VII.


    pictures of ham, CB, and military radios pictures and summary data for lots of ham rigs,
    sometimes URLs for additional info

    73, Jim N9GTM

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