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From David, KG4GIY, via the ARRL PR mailing list:

As most of you know I dabble a little with Linux and other Open Source Software. A few of you know I occasionally scramble a few electrons and blog my thoughts on Linux and Open Source for the Linux Journal. What most of you do not know is that for the past month and change, I have been working as the guest editor for the Linux Journal’s January 2010 issue (on newsstands soon) focusing on Open Source and Amateur Radio.

Today, I flung open the doors at the Linux Journal’s virtual ham shack and I wanted to take a moment to invite you all to drop by and share your thoughts and maybe pick up a trick or two.

As anyone working with D-Star repeaters knows, Linux is an integral part of the gateways that connect them but there are many other aspects of the hobby that are also well represented and there are full development streams within the major distributions just for Amateur Radio. And you cannot beat the price.

So take a moment and stop by and leave your thoughts!

Thanks to everyone who has made this possible,



  1. Well there’s a coincidence! For three months back in 2000 I was editor of Linux Magazine in the UK. However while most of the computers in our house run Linux, one that doesn’t is the one in my shack. There are just too many ham radio applications at the moment that don’t have a Linux equivalent.

  2. John KC8ZTJ says:

    The new or nearly new DSP404 repeater controller from Link Communications is linux based.

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