New Ham Mag

Ham-Mag bills itself as “the first e-magazine for amateur radio operators. Better yet, subscriptions are free.

There’s one catch. At the present time, it’s only in French. An English-language version is planned, though. In fact, I’ve just volunteered my service to help out in some way with the English version.

Here’s what the website has to say:


HAM-MAG is a French HAM magazine born in september 2008. Fast, cheap, quick informations and weekly issues made this success. In two months, we have more than 2,500 subscribers all over the world.

Now we have a new challenge. To make this magazine in English version. But this is your magazine and we need you !

Send us all informations, as DX, homebrew, technical, meetings, etc. To share informations is our claim.

The subscription is free and every week, you’ll receive your issue in your Email, without ads or pop-up.
You have just to click on “subscrition”.

Are you ready to play with us?

73, Vincent F5SLD

With the demise of 73 Magazine a couple of years ago, and now World Radio, this might be a nice option.

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