Olympic special event station on the air

2012L - the London Olympics special event station

The London Olympics special event station, 2012L, is on the air. Says the website,

The call sign of the London Flagship Amateur Radio Station celebrating the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. This unique amateur radio special event radio station is based at the Royal Greenwich District Scouts Activity Centre in New Eltham, south-east London. Eltham is in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, one of the six “host boroughs” for the Games.

We plan to make at least 60,000 contacts during the seven weeks of round the clock operation. The first contact was made on the afternoon of Wednesday 25th July, when the first Games football event took place in Cardiff. Operation will continue until the end of the Paralympics on Sunday 9th September.

They have been apparently generating huge pileups, especially on 20m. I’m hoping to work them before they close down.

GW0RYT informs me via Twitter that there is also an Olympic special event station, 2012W, in Wales.


  1. Don Robertson says:

    82,562 stations calling CQ LUNDUN CQ LUNDUN and only THREE have the ability to actually LISTEN after speaking! “TWO OSCAR ONE TWO LONDON” does NOT MEAN you simply tyransmit and then transmit and then transmit ….. without actually LISTENING BETWEEN CALLS! How ya’ gonna have a TWO WAY conversation if all ya’ do is freaking TRAMSMIT! Even Pauly McCartney McLarty MsFarty closes HIS MOUTH now and then ….. if only to gulp for air!

    73 73 73 73 73 ……. NOT ’73’s’ …………. de the World Famous Dirty Don KD5JOY because I can still do it at age 88. Hi-freakin-Hi OM!

  2. Dan KB6NU says:

    I pretty much agree with you, Don, although I don’t think I would have said it quite like you did. :)

    Yesterday, I actually heard 2012L calling CQ on 30m, and no one was answering! I tried, but they couldn’t hear me. The point is that often it’s easier to work stations like 2012L and the DXpeditions on 30m because there are fewer folks in the pileup.

  3. Dave G4BUO says:

    You’re in the 2O12L log on 30m Dan!

    73, Dave G4BUO
    HF Manager, 2O12L

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