Operating Notes

I’ve worked Arun twice this past week, once from home and once from the Hands-On Museum. What’s notable about these contacts? Well, for one thing, Arun is someone I’ve cyber-Elmered. He contacted me by e-mail about getting his Tech license, and after swapping a couple of e-mails, I found out that he passed the test on Saturday, July 11. This was a bit easier for him as he’d held a VU license in the past.

The second notable thing is that both contacts were CW contacts. Again, this was easier for him because he had learned code to get his VU license, but even so, it shows that some Techs do make use of their CW privileges on the low bands.

Arun lives here in Ann Arbor, and I’m sure I’ll meet him face-to-face soon. In fact, I’ve already signed him up to speak to our ham radio club in November.

More stations whose call signs spell words:
Tuesday, while waiting for my XYL, I turned up the volume on the rig and tuned around the phone bands. Who should I hear, but N3ELK! Now, I can say that I bagged an ELK.

Yesterday, on 40m CW, N4AX replied to my CQ. He was a real sharp operator, too!


  1. Hi Dan,

    Arun must have been in the sames test session as my nephew Spenser KD8LQD.
    With me looking over his shoulder Spenser’s first two contacts were from the HOM with Moldova and Indonesia. I think he’s hooked. I gave him my 2m mobile and a 2m HT to take to Michigan Tech. next month.


    Jim K8ELR

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