QSO #10,000!

Eight years ago, I got back into ham radio after a fairly long hiatus. The first QSO I logged back then was XE2AHN on Saturday, August 10, 2002 on 20m CW. Coincidentally, I started blogging shortly afterwards.

Well, yesterday, I reached a milestone. I logged QSO #10,000 here at KB6NU. The QSO was with Wilbur, KB1CL, on 40m CW. If you do the math, that works out to just over 3.25 QSOs per day. That doesn’t include contacts I’ve made over the years using our club calls at special events, Field Day and other contests. I’m guessing that number to be at least 750, so overall, I am going to claim an average of at least 3.5 QSOs per day.

More QSOs
Another milestone  passed recently was 1,000 QSOs in the log at WA2HOM, our station down at the museum. We made that QSO a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve probably made the majority of those QSOs, so I think I’m pretty safe in claiming an average of 3.5 QSOs per day.

QRZ Lookups
Finally, I now have more than 10,500 lookups on QRZ.Com. That goes hat in hand with the number of QSOs. Of course, there are DX stations with many more lookups, and that’s kind of humbling. I forget which station it was, but when I recently looked them up on QRZ.Com, they had more  than 100,000.


  1. Hopefully this year will be MY milestone of getting into ham radio in the first place :)

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