The Third Time’s the Charm?

I just worked John in Belle Glade, FL for the third time. That in itself isn’t so remarkable, but what is different about this series of contacts is that each time I’ve worked him it’s been with a different call.

The first time I worked him with his personal call, WB4MED (FISTS #10516). The second time I worked him he was using the FISTS club call KN0WCW (FISTS #10000). This time I worked him he was using the local club call, WA4VVA (FISTS #11500).

Now, I just have to figure out a way to work him with a fourth call next time.


  1. wb4med john says:

    well today is your lucky day, since you have worked me as wb4med, kn0wcw, wa4vva now you can work me using our other club call k2xox. looking forward to hearning from you again. 73′s john

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