You Can’t Tell the Digital Modes Without a Scorecard

Unless you work the digital modes a lot, how do you tell which signal is PSK 31 and which is Feld Hell? By going to K2NCC’s YouTube page, of course! Frank has posted examples of nine different modes, including Domino, Feld Hell, SSTV, and MFSK16. What’s cool about these posts is that you not only hear what they modes sound like, but what they look like on a waterfall display.

Here’s what Domino EX16 sounds like and looks like:

Frank says, “Stay tuned for more!”


  1. Even if you do them a lot, it can be confusing…..

  2. Quite a few more videos have been uploaded. About 50 now. Visit the K2NCC YOUTUBE channel again soon!

    Vy 73, de Frank K2NCC

    • Cool. Thanks for the link.

      K2NCC’s YouTube channel has a number of videos showing various digital modes, including what their waterfalls look like.

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