A Gnat That Won’t Annoy You

gnatOn one of the QRP mailing lists, there was talk about how minimal you could make a QRP transceiver. Several ideas were tossed around, but then Chris Trask, N7ZWY, nailed it.

The Gnat 1 uses a single 2N2222. The parts list includes values for 80m, 40m, and 30m versions, and the documentation even includes a PCB layout. Kits may also be available soon.


  1. Another nice project that might be good to build with high school kids. Once they hear about tank circuits and how ‘easy’ the theory is, they immediately want to build one. This might just do the trick, although it uses crystals.

    Keep simple projects like this coming. FYI, I had my ham radio kids build a DTV antenna from wire coat hangers (video on YouTube). They had a blast working on it for just over an hour. Worked great and then we learned a little about antennas (nulling, etc..). Might try it at the Museum. Costs almost nothing (wood, screws, balun) as most of us have most of the supplies in a box or in garage.


    Ronny, KC5EES
    Austin, TX

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