Buddy Up to Learn CW


The CW Operators Club has started a program called CW Academy to help people learn Morse Code. Their Web page says,

The program addresses all levels of enthusiasts; from those aspiring to become licensed operators with a desire to learn Morse Code, all the way to veteran operators wanting to increase their CW activity, skills, and code speed…A CWops member/advisor will be assigned to each registrant as a mentor and on-air contact.

I really don’t know all that much about the CW Operators Club. It seems little snobbish to me—to join you have to be sponsored by three current members—but that may be because I’ve not been invited to join.

FISTS, another CW club, without any sponsorship requirements, I might add, has a similar program they call Code Buddies. According to the FISTS website,

K3NEM, The Amateur Radio Club of the National Electronics Museum members are the volunteers handling the Code Buddy Program. Contact them at Box 1693 MS 4015, Baltimore, MD 21203, or Email Nick at K3NY@arrl.net. We need ELMERS and Buddies, please volunteer to be a Code Buddy!! You don’t have to be a speed demon to be a Code Buddy, lots of people just want someone to practice with, just like YOU! To volunteer or to get a Code Buddy, include what you need (teacher, student, practice buddy), what bands you can work, and what areas of the country you can reliably work.

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