CT2GQV’s Homebrew Blog

Ricardo, CT2GQV, writes the blog, The “Speaky” HF SSB transceiver and other homebrew projects. I found this blog because Ricardo linked to one of my blog posts.

I like it a lot. Ricardo is a hard-core homebrewer, and has posts on a number of projects including:

  • 0-500 Khz converter to 4 Mhz
  • 100 w dummy load
  • Attenuator
  • Batery tester
  • BFO for hf-radio
  • Digital modes interface
  • HF SWR meter
  • Noise generator for filter aligment
  • PCB helping hand
  • RF Probe
  • S9 signal generator

…and much more.

I’m adding it to my links list. It’s certainly worth reading.


  1. I always appreciate the links to homebrew sites. I liked the recent reflector (School Club Roundup) that asked, “What are your favorite classroom demos?” I am looking for easy, beginner projects, demonstrations for my kids. The Regen radio with lipstick tuner sounds neat. Any suggestions for demonstrations, projects for kids?

    I’m still using your Study Guides in my classes. Look forward to an update. Hope you feel up to the task.


    Ronny, KC5EES
    Austin, TX

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