From my Twitter feed: QRP rigs, logging program, SW digital text

@Stefano_NVR Have you seen G3XBM’s simple transceivers? mod to be on other band than 10m.

These really do look like fun little projects.  The G3BXM website has lot of other cool stuff, including a one-transistor regen receiver project and reviews of the QRP gear that G3BXM uses.


Check out DX Logger, looks to be an excellent logbook for portable use etc. #hamr #dx

A friend and I had talked about doing something like this several years ago. Kudos to the DXLogger people for actually doing it!


More shortwave digital text (and the reason behind it)
Interesting idea. I guess if amateur radio operators can use digital modes, why shouldn’t broadcasters? I’m still wondering exactly what they’d send, though.

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