From “Zero to Homebrew”

While cleaning out my e-mail inbox this morning, I came across this recommendation from Kendrick, KB1NCR:

This book made it possible for me to go from “zero to homebrew.”

Frank K0IYE Harris’ book Crystal Sets to Sideband It’s available as a seres of PDF files; each chapter must be downloaded separately.

All of his radios are homebrewed with “no ICs” – this is Frank’s way of
teaching how each stage and circuit work in a straight forward and
comprehensive way.

This is a really good book. It’s packed with lots of good info and practical advice. I plan to recommend it to my General Class students this January.


  1. Finding the “Zero to Homebrew” link is why I read this site! I would never find such a thing, but you seem to find them all over. I plan on reading the chapters and see how I can use them in my Amateur Radio class.

    By the way, I passed out your Technician Study Guide to my students today. I will let you know how almost 30 teenagers “review” your creation. ;) I’m sure they’ll be appreciative of your efforts.

    Again, thanks for providing nice information for the beginner.

    Ronny, KC5EES
    Austin, Texas

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